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30+ years in stone restoration in Detroit area.

30+ years in stone restoration in Detroit area.

30+ years in stone restoration in Detroit area.30+ years in stone restoration in Detroit area.

Restoring Detroit

David Whitney Office Building


Opening in 1915 as an opulent mixed-use building for upscale retail and medical professionals, the David Whitney building showcased a stunning four-story atrium lobby covered in terra cotta and marble.

Despite its old world craftsmanship and showcase materials, the flight to the suburbs took its tenants and patrons. The building closed and sat vacant for twelve years.

Like many other architectural jewels in Detroit; squatters, metal scavengers and the elements took their toll on the building. Water leaks caused the intricate ironwork railings to rust all over the white marble staircases descending to the lobby. The glass atrium ceiling had many broken panes of glass which exposed the Tennessee marble lobby to harsh seasonal elements.

Thankfully there were those that still saw the beauty in this building and could picture its function in a city struggling to comeback. The Roxbury Group LLC and Trans Inn Management purchased the building and started a massive restoration to return this architectural gem to its' former glory days.

Restoration began March of 2013. Griffin Marble Restoration is proud to have been a part of such a large collaborative project. Using our restoration process, we were able to bring the lobby back to its original beauty. We removed the rest stains from the staircases and honed and polished the hallways in the floors above. We take pride in our continued work and regular maintenance in this beautifully restored building.

Today the David Whitney Building is home to A Loft Hotel as well as residents who rent the renovated studio, 1 and 2-bedroom apartments. Many thought Detroit couldn’t sustain this hotel and apartment complex, but occupancy remains high as people have comeback to witness Detroit's rebirth. 

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Scope of work performed:

Lobby: Tennessee Marble; honed and sealed,

Staircases: White Marble; deep cleaned to remove rust stains, honed and sealed.

Hallways: White Marble; deep cleaned and polished.