Restoring Detroit

The Metropolitan Building

Unlike most downtown buildings, the Metropolitan Builidng was not an office building.  It was nicknamed the jewelers building because of the large number of diamond cutters and goldsmiths working there.

The 14-story neo-gothic structure opened in 1925 as the Metropolitan Building.  The interior and exterior showcased many high-end materials to mirror the luxury products it housed.

As with many other downtown retail establishments its' occupants fled to newer developments in the rapidly growing suburban Detroit market.

Finally closing in 1977 it became just another sign of blight and Detroit's rapid retail decay. Still many saw the beauty and potential in this historic structure.  With many visions for the building coming and then going; finally a good fit arrived. The Roxbury Group and Detroit based Means Group will be redeveloping this into an extended stay hotel.

Griffin Marble is again excited to be working with Roxbury Group on this historic restoration/renovation project.They have excelled in preserving the beautiful craftsmanship and creating a current vibe that attracts todays market.

Our scope of current work has been to remove graffiti from marble walls that lined the foyer staircase wall.  Check in for continued progress on the #jewelinDetroit.

Scope of Work

White Marble Staircase Wall: remove graffiti, hone and polish to natural shine.  

Restore, Renovate & Preserve