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Common Stone Care Questions.


What to use to Clean?

Dust mop or vacuum with soft brush attachment.

Damp mop with string mop or Swiffer microfiber using a mild soap, such as a natural stone cleaner, and water .

How Often?

Residential- dust mop 3 times a week and damp mop with cleaner once a week.

Commercial- dust mop daily and damp mop 3 times a week or as needed.

How often must we have the floor repolished?

 There is no set time.  It's time for a professional polishing when the finish starts to dull or spot.

What stains stone?

Anything acidic, such as vinegar, lemon juice, wine, soda, etc.

What can we do to remove etching?

The only way to remove an etch is to hone it out with an abrasive, such as sand paper or diamond pads, and polish to a shine with a marble polishing compound.

Does sealing help?

Sealers can prevent the stone from discoloring when wine, soda, coffee or anything with color spills on the surface.  It will however still leave an etch (dull spot that doesn't wipe away).